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My Gear

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As a tech & productivity nerd, I’m always looking for the perfect tools to help me accomplish everything. This page is an always up-to-date list of my favorites and what I currently use.

⚙️ My Favorite Gear

🎒 Backpack

I use the Black Adidas Original National. I have tried so many different types of backpacks, but for some reason, I always go back to simplicity. This Adidas backpack is simple and comfortable. Enough pockets for all the stuff I need.

📚 Bible

I have been using the same Bible for some years now. By far, the best Bible I've ever had. I use the Leather NIV Single Column Journal Bible. I like this Bible because it's a single column, giving me a lot of margins to make notes as I read it. My preferred version is the NIV. When I moved to the USA, my English was very limited. The NIV Bible was always easier to understand, and I just stuck with it. It's also in Spanish and English, making it easy for an English and Spanish preacher to switch languages.

📒 Notebook

I use my notebook a lot. I even wrote about A Hybrid System for Note Taking & Productivity. Here I emphasize how I personally like to use the Moleskine Classic Expanded Notebook as my preferred notebook.

✏️ Pen & 🖋 Highlighter

I prefer no other pen than the Sharpie Pen Fine Point. For my preferred highlighter, I use Mr. Pen- No Bleed Gel Highlighter. Perfect for highlighting books and Bible.

📱 Phone

I personally use the iPhone 12 Pro. As long as it's a relatively new iPhone with the latest available version of iOS, I don't care about which specific iPhone to use.

🖥 Computer

Two computers; one from my work as a Pastor and allows me to be mobile, I use the MacBook Air (M1, 2020). It's small and light and gets the job done.

My computer of prefence however is the 27 inch iMac Core 15, with upgraded 32GB of RAM and 1TB of Storage. I initially bought this Mac with a normal 8GB of RAM, but I upgraded it to 32GB. It's the best computer. In addition to this, I have an attached extra 27 inch HP Monitor that allows me to have dual screens for even better productivity.

⌨️ Keyboard

I use the Keychron K2 Version mechanical keyboard. Best and coolest keyboard with awesome combinations of backlight and sound.

⌚️ Watch

I am an Apple guy, but when it comes to watches and headphones I deviate. My preferred watch, and trust me when I tell you, after owning all the cool watches including the Apple Watch, I always go back to none other than the Casio Classic. I have bought expensive watches, techy watches, cheap watches, etc. I always come back to this. It does everything I need it to do which is to tell me the time, be water resistant, and back a backlight. It's simple and comfortable and it's only $15 bucks. Will last you for a lifetime (I mean that almost literally).

🎧 Listening Tools

I have tried the Apple earbuds, AirPods, etc. But ever since I discovered the Beats Fit Pro, I just can't go back. These are the best headphones. Amazing quality, they don't fall, and the controls are old-school, which are better for controling what you are listening.

📚 Reading

Even though I prefer to read physical books, I do sometimes buy books on Kindle. My favorite reading device is the old-school Kindle Paperwhite.

My Favorite Software





📱 iPhone Apps

💻 Mac Apps